• Entellus Medical (Minneapolis) reported the launch of its FinESS sinus treatment, a less-invasive and effective treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). Results of the BREATHE I clinical study validating the FinESS treatment were presented to members of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS) during its annual meeting in Chicago this past weekend. FinESS is a simple endoscopic treatment performed under local anesthesia with or without light sedation that remodels the maxillary ostium and ethmoid infundibulum using familiar tools — a small balloon catheter and a micro endoscope for visualization. Unlike sinus surgery techniques, FinESS does not require the removal of delicate bone or sinus tissue because it enables direct access to the affected sinus through a small entry point under the lip using a micro-trocar.

• IDEV Technologies (Houston) said that its corporate partner, YMED, has received FDA clearance to produce larger and longer focal force angioplasty balloons for the treatment of peripheral artery disease. The VascuTrak2 PTA Dilation Catheter now offers the broadest array of balloon sizes for the treatment of lesions above and below the knee, as well as the iliac arteries and obstructive lesions of AV dialysis fistulae and grafts. The VascuTrak2 PTA Dilatation Catheter is approved in diameters of 2.0 mm to 7.0 mm and in lengths of 20 mm to 300 mm. The single operator, rapid exchange catheter is compatible with 0.014" and 0.018" guidewires. VascuTrak2 delivers 50 to 400 times the focal force of balloon angioplasty alone longitudinally along two external wires. Across the spectrum of TASC lesions, VascuTrak2 optimizes lumen enlargement while reducing the incidence of barotraumas due to lower atmospheric pressures required to achieve effective clinical results below and above the knee.

• Ikonisys (New Haven, Connecticut) reported the launch of its cervical cancer test, oncoFISH cervical. Used in conjunction with the company's CellOptics platform, a robotic microscopy system, oncoFISH cervical provides the physician with an assessment of risk of progression of low-grade dysplasia to cancer of the cervix. oncoFISH cervical will be offered as a laboratory-developed test through Ikonisys' clinical laboratory. Ikonisys says that oncoFISH cervical is the first to work in conjunction with currently used screening tests like the Pap smear and HPV as a differentiator for medical professionals seeking to identify which patients may regress or progress to cervical cancer. Based on this information, physicians and patients can work together to develop early, personalized treatment plans.

• Iris International (Chatsworth, California) said that following the completion of previously announced design improvements and corrections, it has commenced full scale shipments of its iChem Velocity Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer to the international market. The iChem Velocity with Kinetic Imaging leverages IRIS' core image analysis technology to provide a benchtop urine chemistry solution designed for medium- to high-volume laboratories that typically process more than 100 urine samples per day. The iChem Velocity embodies a major technological advance in urine chemistry, a sector which has not seen significant innovation in many years.

• Photo Therapeutics (PTL; Carlsbad, California) said that, thanks to N.V. Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals (Meriden, Connecticut), its Omnilux LED-based technology has made its debut to the consumer market. This treatment was developed in conjunction with Photo Therapeutics (Carlsbad, California) and combines PTL's Omnilux technology with Dr. Perricone's Nourishing Milky Cleanser and Serum prep to ensure the skin is properly prepared and ready to receive the benefits of the light technology in a dermatological-grade unit that softens fine lines and wrinkles. Two clinical trials – one lasting 12 weeks, one nine weeks – showed effectiveness in rejuvenating skin and reducing fine lines and periorbital wrinkles.

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