• Accelr8 Technology (Denver) said that two teams of university research collaborators report new methods for scalable production with its OptiChem bio-coatings. The scientists allowed live mammalian cells to self-select and attach to activated capture zones that alternated with inert zones in target micro-patterns. Adherent cells grew and behaved normally for many days, and remained selectively confined to the capture zones, according to the researchers. The inert regions blocked encroachment by growing cells and prevented bio-fouling by cellular byprod

• Coloplast (Minneapolis) reported the first U.S. patient training with its new Titan inflatable penile prosthesis with One-Touch Release (OTR) pump for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) who do not respond to traditional ED drug therapy. A majority of prostate cancer survivors who have undergone prostate removal surgery suffer the inability to have an erection due to nerve damage. Thus, a penile implant may be a viable alternative for these men because it is suggested that only 10% of men who undergo a non-nerve sparing radical prostatectomy surgery can benefit from oral ED therapy, Coloplast said.

• Nomir Medical Technologies (Waltham, Massachusetts) reported the presentation of positive in vitro and in vivo human data for its Noveon direct optical energy device for treating toenail fungus (onychomycosi). The studies demonstrated that treatment with the Noveon resulted in complete photo-inactivation of the fungi that cause onychomycosis at safe energy densities and temperatures. Nomir received FDA clearance to use Noveon during contact and non-contact surgical procedures of the skin, subcutaneous tissues and nasal passages in dermatology, plastic surgery, podiatry, and otolaryngology. Nomir's light-based systems target the elimination of bacterial and fungal infections, while also promoting tissue recovery.

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