A Medical Device Daily

Environmental Tectonics' (Southhampton, Pennsylvania) Sterilization Systems Group (SSG) reported the award of two new contracts. The contracts include a new Portable Field Sterilization System (M-138) and a new cGMP Pharmaceutical Sterilization System to a new customer.

The M138 portable field steam sterilizer (NSN 6530 00 926 2151), also known as Big Bertha, is designed to provide steam sterilization capability to mobile military field personnel. The self-contained systems meet the field medical requirements of the U.S. Armed Services and international organizations. ETC has built more than 2,000 of these systems in the last 20-plus years.

The cGMP unit is a large, industrial system being constructed for a large multi-national European organization for installation within the U.S. ETC provides a comprehensive range of standard and customized cGMP sterilizer. cGMP sterilizers are precision engineered and manufactured for regulatory compliance, high performance, ease of use, reliability in service, extended life and maximum value.

John Fay, technical director of the Pharmaceutical Division for ETC Sterilization Systems, said, "This business acquisition is key to ETC's continued growth in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets."

In other agreements/contracts news:

• UTEK (Tampa) said that it has entered into a technology licensing alliance with Air Products & Chemicals (Allentown, Pennsylvania) to make available certain Air Products' technologies for acquisition by UTEK's clients.

"Our goal with this alliance is to create additional value from existing Air Products' technologies and expertise in areas such as electronics and advanced materials, as well as gas separation, purification, processing and applications," said Carrington Smith, director of Intellectual Property Licensing at Air Products. "We are enthusiastic to engage UTEK to assist us in our licensing efforts. Air Products is well-known for its support of open innovation and this is yet another step to increase the rate of innovation both within and external to the company."

• Asuragen (Austin, Texas) reported that it has granted Focus Diagnostics (Cypress, California) non-exclusive worldwide rights to incorporate Armored RNA technology into its in vitro molecular diagnostics products. Under the terms of the agreement, Asuragen will develop and supply reagents for Focus Diagnostics in Asuragen's QSR-compliant manufacturing facility. Additional terms were not disclosed.

The Armored RNA technology encapsulates RNA standards in a protective protein coat, assuring their integrity during long-term storage. It also "armors" the RNA standard against the hazards of nucleases in patient samples. RNA standards are essential to quantitative molecular diagnostic assays, and maintaining their integrity is crucial to obtaining accurate, reliable results.

• CompuMed (Los Angeles) said it has signed a new and exclusive agreement with Any Lab Test Now, a franchise direct-access lab testing facility with more than 70 locations, and will provide remote electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation systems and services at selected facilities nationwide.

CompuMed's traditional core business is providing remote ECG interpretation terminals and related services to medical facilities that may not have access to physicians trained and qualified to interpret ECG results. Traditional customers for the company's CardioGram system include correctional facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, occupational health clinics and physicians' offices.

• Omega Healthcare Investors (Timonium, Maryland) reported that it completed the operational transfer of 13 skilled nursing facilities to affiliates of Formation Capital (Alpharetta, Georgia) in accordance with the terms of the master transaction agreement dated August 6, 2008. The facilities were formerly leased to Haven Eldercare, but had been taken over by Omega on July 7, 2008. The 13 facilities are located in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. As part of the transaction, Genesis Healthcare (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania) has entered into a long-term management agreement with Formation, to oversee the day-to-day operations of each of these facilities. Two remaining facilities in Vermont will transfer upon the appropriate regulatory approvals expected sometime in the near future.

• Mobile Data Software (Mesa, Arizona) has been awarded a five-year contract to supply its VetInfo electronic medical records and practice management system for deployment worldwide throughout the U.S. Military Working Dog Services (MWDS) program. MDS will execute this contract as a subcontractor to ASM Research (Fairfax, Virginia).

MDS's VetInfo system facilitates the efficient and timely capture and analysis of military working animal health information for the more than 3,000 military working animals currently supporting U.S. Armed Services personnel and over 150,000 privately owned patients of military families and retirees around the world.

• Healionics (Redmond, Washington) reported that it has entered into a multi-million dollar manufacturing, supply and distribution agreement with TR BioSurgical (TRBIO; Chandler, Arizona) for use of its flagship STAR biomaterial scaffold in a veterinary glaucoma implant. Under this exclusive, multi-year agreement, Healionics will provide its STAR biomaterial scaffold for TRBIO's TR-ClarifEYE, an innovative implant for the treatment of glaucoma in animals, which is planned for limited market launch in the first quarter of 2009.