CooperSurgical (Trumbull, Connecticut) said that its self-contained Mystic II vacuum delivery system, now in its third generation, has been made improved through the use of Dynalloy olefin block copolymer thermoplastic elastomers (OBC TPEs) from GLS (McHenry, Illinois). The Mystic II M-Style system features a single-use device specifically designed for occiput posterior and other presentations requiring a higher pull force, features a malleable mushroom-shaped cup that is inserted vaginally and placed on the baby's head. By applying gentle vacuum pressure, the obstetrician can maneuver the head during delivery, potentially avoiding the need for a Caesarian section. CooperSurgical identified several key material properties required for the part: softness for patient comfort and protection; enhanced bonding to the low-density polyethylene (LDPE) vacuum tube for greater pull force; custom color; and the ability to be sterilized with ethylene oxide (EtO) gas. GLS, acquired by PolyOne in January, makes high-performance, custom-formulated thermoplastic elastomers.

EndoGastric Solutions (Redwood City, California) said that its EsophyX device was used to complete the first ever incisionless transoral natural orifice surgery on a child. The youth had been on a class of acid-blocking drugs called "PPIs" (proton pump inhibitors) for several years to treat severe acid reflux. His disease had progressed to the point where he was no longer responding adequately to the pharmacologic treatments. Although moderate to severe acid reflux, or GERD, is typically treated with medications such as PPIs and histamine receptor antagonists (H2 blockers), these drugs have side effects and can lose their effectiveness over time. The EsophyX device was used to reconstruct the child's antireflux barrier at the gastroesophageal junction, restoring its natural anatomical geometry to effectively treat GERD. Designed for performing incisionless reconstructive gastrointestinal procedures, the EsophyX device is introduced into the body through the mouth, rather than through an abdominal incision. EndoGastric Solutions specialize in the field of natural orifice surgery.

Isolagen (Exton, Pennsylvania) reported results from a prospective, open-label, Phase II study (IT-R-007) of Isolagen Therapy for the treatment of facial wrinkles and creases. Study subjects received two treatments of Isolagen Therapy in multiple facial regions (full face) about five weeks apart. Conducted at five U.S. sites, the primary objectives of Study IT-R-007 were to assess the safety and efficacy of the Isolagen Therapy. The Isolagen Process is a cellular processing system that creates a natural, living cell therapy. By multiplying a person's own collagen-producing cells, or fibroblasts, into tens of millions of new cells, a personalized treatment is created that is then returned to the person's skin. Isolagen is an aesthetic and therapeutic company.