A Medical Device Daily

GE Healthcare (Waukesha, Wisconsin), makers of imaging and dose reduction technologies, reported FDA clearance of the LightSpeed CT750 HD, which they billed as the "world's first high-definition CT scanner."

GE engineers discovered that, by changing the molecular structure of real garnets, they could develop a scintillator capable of delivering images 100 times faster, with up to 33% greater detail through the body and up to 47% greater detail in the heart. They had unlocked the secret of the GE gemstone detector, which the company boasts as the fastest primary speed in the CT industry. Gemstone spectral imaging uses up to 2496 views per rotation (a 2.5x increase) to deliver improved spatial resolution and improved image quality across the entire field of view. Dual energy fast kV switching registers energies at least 165 times faster than Dual Source CT at a .33s rotating speed. It offers 128 slices of unique data per rotation and 101 user selectable energy levels for viewing.

GE Healthcare makes medical technologies that help treat cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, and other conditions.