A Medical Device Daily

Adhezion Biomedical (Reading, Pennsylvania) said that it has raised $3 million in a Series A financing from Originate Ventures (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania).

Adhezion has a proprietary formulation to either bond skin tissue — replacing sutures, staples and bandages — or be a protective barrier to prevent infection as an anti-microbial surgical sealant.

The company said the products require neither refrigeration nor blending, dry faster and are very flexible. It noted that surgeons and patients are particularly interested in these products because they are both durable and biodegradable. They are sold under the SurgiSeal and FloraGuard brands; targeted to surgeons, physicians and skin specialists.

The financing will go toward the further development of these products.

"Our patented OctylFlex ingredient can be used in an extremely wide array of topical product applications, addressing skin lacerations, incisions and plastic surgery," said CEO Pete Molinaro. "The trend toward less-disruptive, more natural healing solutions is well-documented in Europe and Asia. Plus, we have made considerable progress in obtaining the necessary regulatory registrations, including FDA approval for an OTC version product, and CE-mark approval for two products for Europe."

Adhezion, formerly known as Spartan Medical Products, is a provider of medical adhesive products that bond or protect human tissue.