TomoTherapy issues treatment challenge

TomoTherapy (Madison, Wisconsin) said that it has issued a treatment quality challenge by awarding $250,000 to any U.S. cancer center that demonstrates its ability to beat the quality of a TomoTherapy treatment plan using the new RapidArc product from Varian Medical Systems (Palo Alto, California).

"We believe that, even as radiation therapy vendors work to improve clinical efficiency, the highest-quality patient treatments must remain our industry's primary focus," said Fred Robertson, CEO of TomoTherapy. "With this challenge, we aim to provide a forum for U.S. clinicians to objectively review the quality that a continuous helical TomoTherapy treatment affords over a two-minute, single-rotation RapidArc delivery."

TomoTherapy makes radiation therapy products.

CRH Medical opens colorectal health center

CRH Medical (Vancouver, British Columbia) reported opening a colorectal health center in Miami, Florida, the company's first in the Miami area. The opening of the Miami Center brings the company's total number of Centers to nine.

According to the National Institute of Health, the prevalence rate of hemorrhoids in the U.S. is about 4.4% of the population, with about 50% of the U.S. population expected to develop hemorrhoids by age 50. The company said it plans to increase the number of centers for colorectal health across the U.S. to address this market.

CRH specializes in the treatment of hemorrhoids using its patented technology.