A Medical Device Daily

AGA Medical (Plymouth Minnesota) reported that it has won its patent infringement lawsuit against Occlutech (Jena, Germany) and Drabo Medizintechnik (Cologne, Germany). AGA is the owner of a European patent (EP 0 808 138) registered in Germany (DE 695 34 505) for intravascular occlusion devices and the method of forming or manufacturing these medical devices. The patent was granted in October 2005.

The action, filed in Dusseldorf in August 2006, requested damages against Occlutech, Drabo, and their CEOs and further requested a permanent injunction prohibiting them from manufacturing and marketing the infringing "Figulla Occluder" line of products. The three-judge panel held that Occlutech and Drabo infringed AGA's patent and granted AGA the right to enforce an order prohibiting the defendants from any manufacture, possession or sale of its infringing products. The court judgment also allows AGA the right to force the immediate destruction of all infringing products in Occlutech's inventory. This preliminary judgment is subject to appeal and becomes final if no appeal is filed.

AGA develops interventional devices to treat structural heart defects.

In other patent news:

Datatrak International (Cleveland), a developer of Internet-based software for clinical development, settled its pending litigation related to Datasci's (St. Paul, Minnesota) U.S. Patent (Patent No. 6,496,827) concerning the collection and validation of clinical trial data. No payment is required and Datasci has agreed to dismiss its claims with prejudice. Datasci further agreed that Datatrak may continue to market and sell its Datatrak EDC and eClinical products without incurring any royalty obligations. For Datatrak products which may be released in the future which implement Datasci's patent, Datatrak has accepted a non-exclusive licensing agreement on a going-forward basis, including certain royalty obligations.

Datatrak is a worldwide technology company focused on the provision of multi-component eClinical solutions and related services for the clinical trials industry.

Datasci develops wireless implantable devices for monitoring and collecting physiological data.