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Raytel Cardiac Services (Windsor, Connecticut) reported the full launch of its newly designed CardioCare diagnostic arrhythmia service, including CardioCare eManagement services.

The new program is designed to ensure high quality care and compliance for arrhythmia patients, to assist the patients and their treating physicians in using the various cardiac monitoring technologies as effectively as possible, and provides physicians with a flexible, user-friendly patient data management tool to enable quick access to accurate test results for use in diagnosis and management of their patients, the company said.

CardioCare is a “branded” arrhythmia service that offers physicians the option for selecting for their patients a 24- or 48-hour digital Holter monitoring service, a 30-day loop or event arrhythmia monitoring service, or Atrial Fibrillation/Auto-trigger monitoring to track silent and elusive, hard to catch arrhythmias.

The foundation for the service is Raytel’s new testing and patient data management platform, which more effectively supports the use of all current and future arrhythmia monitoring technologies, including the new state-of-the-art wireless – cellular monitoring technologies that Raytel will introduce in the next few months, it said.

“Earlier this year we introduced Raytel’s new CardioCare Service to part of our customers, and we are now pleased to make this innovative service and platform available to all of our customers. When products are intended for use directly by patients, they need to be easy to use to ensure compliance with the test protocol in order to obtain the proper diagnostic data for the treating physician. Taking our customers’ needs and feedback into account, combined with the capabilities of new technologies in arrhythmia monitoring, were key elements in the design and implementation of this new unified platform,” said Robert Sass, general manager at Raytel Cardiac Services.

The new service includes: Unified testing and reporting platform for all arrhythmia monitoring services; multiple monitor transmission capability; enhanced and flexible “one source” patient data management and reports retrieval, including the unique CardioCare eMove report download feature.

“With Raytel’s CardioCare service, physicians now have the opportunity to select a monitoring service that best fits their patients’ needs,” Sass said. “Multiple technology options for individual patient needs increases the level of convenience our services provide to our clients, as well as providing the foundation for exciting, soon-to-be-available new cellular technologies. This investment in arrhythmia services reinforces Raytel’s commitment to leadership in ambulatory remote cardiac monitoring and to quality care for physicians and patients.”

Raytel Cardiac Services is a division of Raytel , a subsidiary of SHL-Telemedicine (Tel Aviv, Israel), developer of advanced telemedicine systems, and the provider of call center services to subscribers.

Raytel is a provider of remote pacemaker monitoring and cardiac diagnostic testing in the U.S. Its highly trained healthcare specialists use telephone and Internet technology 24-hours, seven days a week, to monitor patients with pacemakers, suspected arrhythmia, implanted defibrillators (ICDs) and other cardiac-related conditions. Patient reports are generated with each monitoring session and forwarded to their physician for review.