• Baxter Healthcare (Deerfield, Illinois) reported the launch of a Phase II clinical trial to determine if adding peritoneal ultrafiltration treatments using its icodextrin solution to the current standard congestive heart failure (CHF) therapy regimen will improve clinical outcomes and reduce the amount of time patients spend in the hospital. Each patient will be randomly selected to receive either the current standard CHF therapy or the standard therapy plus peritoneal ultrafiltration using Baxter's icodextrin solution. In this process, the solution is infused through a catheter into the abdominal cavity, which is lined by the peritoneal membrane. This membrane serves as a natural filter, across which the solution draws out toxins and fluid. The used solution is then drained from the body. The treatment period will be six to 24 months with the primary outcome measure being impact on hospitalization rate. Also being evaluated is the effect on quality of life and medication use. Baxter International, through its subsidiaries, assists healthcare professionals and their patients with treatment of medical conditions, including cancer, hemophilia, immune disorders, kidney disease and trauma.

• Bayer Diabetes Care (Tarrytown, New York), a division of Bayer HealthCare and a member of the Bayer Group, reported the availability of the latest advances in their line of blood glucose meters: the new Contour and Breeze 2 meters. The product requires a small blood sample (1 L) size and includes a 10-test disc system, allowing users to test 10 times without handling individual strips. Bayer HealthCare, Diabetes Care makes diabetes devices.

• Del Mar Photonics (San Diego) reported the introduction of expanded in vivo cell and tissue imaging capabilities with Mavericks, a long wavelength femtosecond laser. With wavelength tunable within the range of 1.21 - 1.29 mm, Mavericks combines femtosecond optical engineering and fiber-optic technologies. Wavelengths in the 1250 nm range are less damaging to biological samples. It falls in the transparency window of most biological tissues, allowing deep tissue penetration with minimal photo damaging and making Mavericks a valuable source for advanced imaging and microscopy techniques, the company said. Frequency doubling and tripling produce wavelengths in the visible at 625 nm and 415nm that can be easily observed and detected with high efficiency, and supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fiber produces pulses in the infrared and visible range. Del Mar Photonics makes photonics products for scientific and industrial applications.

• Exactech (Gainesville, Florida) reported that it has received clearance from the FDA to market the Equinoxe Reverse Shoulder, the latest component in its shoulder arthroplasty line. A "reverse" shoulder is designed for patients who have an irreparable rotator cuff and osteoarthritis. The equinoxe reverse shoulder is compatible with the equinoxe primary stem, allowing surgeons to change from a primary to a reverse without removing the humeral stem. Exactech plans to initiate targeted clinical evaluation of the Equinoxe Reverse Shoulder in its second quarter with full-scale release targeted for the second half of 2007. Reverse shoulders have only recently been introduced in the U.S. market. Exactech makes bone and joint restoration products including orthopaedic implants and biologic materials.

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