Cytocore opens Princeton office

Cytocore (Princeton, New Jersey), a late-stage bio-scientific research and medical device company for early reproductive cancer treatment, has opened its new office in Princeton.

"As our suite of early screening, diagnostic and treatment tools moves from the research to production stage, CytoCore wants to be poised to tap into the extensive concentration of capabilities in New Jersey's thriving bio-pharmaceutical business community," said Dr. Augusto Ocana, the company's CEO. "We're positioning ourselves for an optimal transition into the distribution phase for our endometrial, uterine and cervical cancer products."

The new balloon sampling method — the first significant upgrade to the Pap test in 50 years — is designed to enhance the thoroughness and consistency of cell collections for the Pap smear and HPV test screenings performed annually on some 180 million women worldwide.

"We expect to be ready for volume production by mid-summer, producing up to 800,000 units a month on one shift," Ocana said. "Not only will we be offering a more cost-effective sample collection method, we're also improving the patient's comfort through our new, noninvasive collection procedure and the physician's confidence in the quality of that sample. We believe that our niche strategy will allow us to drive our products into the markets worldwide."