A Medical Device Daily

American Bio Medica (ABMC; Kinderhook, New York) reported that it has entered into a purchase agreement with one of the world's largest clinical laboratories. The client has requested its name not be disclosed at this time; however, ABMC described the company as an S&P 500 listed company that "performs millions of drugs of abuse tests annually."

The laboratory will purchase ABMC's point-of-collection drugs of abuse testing devices for use at locations strategically located throughout the U.S.

ABMC CEO Stan Cipkowski said, "We are extremely pleased to be a supply partner to one of the largest testing laboratories in the U.S. This new partnership will have a huge impact on our sales and earnings in 2007 with estimated sales in excess of $3 million. We began shipping product to this customer in Q4 2006 and we expect to be releasing more information on this new partnership in the very near future."

ABMC is a biotechnology company that makes immunoassay diagnostic test kits, including some of the world's most effective point-of-collection tests for drugs of abuse, the company said.