1) The slowing of the ICD market.

2) The sector’s rotation into lower P/E defensive names.

3) Boston Sci’s acquisition of Guidant and subsequent woes.

4) The ouster of Dane Miller and subsequent sale of Biomet.

5) CMS’s FY07 IPPS proposal: April’s fear and August’s reality.

6) The multi-focal IOL market’s failure to live up to expectations.

7) J&J’s acquisition strategy: less pharma, more consumer.

8) Safety concerns in drug-eluting stents.

9) Bausch & Lomb’s accounting woes and the recall of Renu with MoistureLoc.

10) The struggles at all three mid-cap ophthalmology companies.

11) The pricing cycle in plasma proteins.

12 BlueSky vs. KCI: valid, but not infringing.

13) The return of early stage IPOs.

14) Ray Elliott’s announced retirement from Zimmer.

15) Bob Daretta’s retirement from J&J.

Source: JP Morgan The MedTech Monitor