Dnikon Instruments (Melville, New York) has introduced the BioStation CT, a fully integrated, self contained cell culture observation device and monitoring system designed to allow users with minimal microscopy experience to conduct live cell imaging locally or by remote operation over a public or private network. The BioStation CT provides a system for managing, observing and recording cell growth, morphology, and protein expression in culture by providing consistent environmental control of temperature, humidity and gas concentration. The system allows numerous researchers to perform multiple experiments with the same instrument within the same period. Major applications for the Nikon BioStation CT include clinical medicine where researchers can determine the optimum selection of anticancer drug combinations; re-generative medicine for stem cell culturing and cell differentiation; biotechnology based drug development and toxicology studies; drug discovery safety testing; biotechnology research involving genome and proteome initiatives; and traditional bioscience research using multi-channel fluorescence and time lapse image recording. Nikon Instruments develops optical technology. Its product line includes microscopy equipment, digital imaging, precision measuring and semiconductor wafer-handling equipment.