Physmark (Dallas) has introduced Cyber Patient Center (CPC), a computer software and system that helps clinicians set up a virtual office in cyberspace to offer preventive care to chronic patients and help them self-manage their disease. The CPC can record appointments and securely capture and store lab and other test results. It also helps chronic patients receive education via the web to remain informed of the disease and new developments in evidence-based treatments. Its patient portal allows patients to personally monitor their progress or together with their physician, set new goals and communicate with their physicians via the Internet or cell phones.

Radlink (Redondo Beach, California), a supplier of medical imaging systems, has introduced its Pro Imaging product line, a cost-effective hardware and software solution that enables physician offices to convert from film-based X-ray imaging to a total digital environment. The Pro Imaging turnkey software offering includes a suite of applications that allow physician offices to manage the archival, transmission and display of digital X-ray images. Radlink is offering one-on-one demonstrations of the new software at this week's annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Malvern, Pennsylvania) is introducing the Axiom Artis dBA Twin, an imaging system designed for universal angiography and the highly specialized field of neuroradiology, at this week's scientific assembly and annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. The Axiom Artis dBA Twin is a milestone in advanced biplane imaging. The system features the largest biplane anatomical coverage available, and is uniquely equipped with two 30x40-centimeter flat detectors. The Artis dBA Twin provides flexibility across a complete applications spectrum, from neuroradiology to cardiac imaging, with fine detail resolution in 2-D and 3-D. Flat detector biplane technology delivers exceptional detail resolution to support both diagnostic and interventional decision making, the company said. The system supports the latest cross-sectioning 3-D imaging techniques with the optional syngo DynaCT cross-sectional imaging capability.

• Smiths Medical MD (St. Paul, Minnesota), part of the Smiths Group and makers of the CozMore insulin technology system, said that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for new pump software features. The new features expand the personalization capabilities of the CozMore system, which includes the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, the CoZmanager PC communications software and the CoZmonitor blood glucose module. Some of the new features include Enhanced Meal Maker carbohydrate calculating, a food database that lists carbohydrate amounts that make it easier for customers to track their carbohydrate intake; Weekly Schedule, which lets customers program several settings to occur automatically by the time and day of the week so they don't have to change settings every day; a Disconnect feature that calculates the insulin that would be missed when customers remove the Deltec Cozmo pump for up to two hours and lets them take part of that missed insulin before and after they disconnect; QuickStart, which provides a one-stop place to program the basics of the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump ton allow pump therapy to be started quickly and easily; and Hypo Manager, which recommends the number of carbohydrates a customer should eat to correct a low blood sugar test result.