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Concierge Medicine/LA (Los Angeles) reported the grand opening of its general internal medical practice dedicated to providing “the ultimate in personalized healthcare,” it said.

In California, Concierge Medicine/LA said it is designed to address “the ever growing need to personalize healthcare and offer people definitive best healthcare.” Concierge Medicine/LA physicians provide their patients what it calls deluxe services, “including yearly 'Presidential-style physicals,' a 'best of the best' specialist network, and 24/7 direct physician cell phone access.”

Concierge Medicine/LA takes advantage of the recent trend towards boutique medicine spurred on by what it calls “today's often ineffective managed care system.”

It reports traditional HMO and PPO doctor-patient ratios at 1:4000, thus “not affording a doctor much time per patient. Patients often feel frustrated with not receiving the kind of attention and care they seek or need. Concierge Medicine/LA changes all that by offering patients a physician who provides undivided attention, house calls, preferred services and unique benefits including an annual physical and comprehensive wellness and lifestyle consultations, and unhurried visits with no waiting.

“By paying a fixed annual fee, patients are treated by physicians' physicians who have sufficient time to devote to their patients whether treating preventatively or for a medical issue."

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