CAS Medical Systems (Bransford, Connecticut), which is focused on noninvasive vital signs monitoring, reported that it has been awarded two U.S. patents for technology used in its Fore-Sight Cerebral Oximeter, scheduled for commercial release in late 2006. U.S. patent No. 7,047,054 and U.S. patent No. 7,072,701 cover aspects of the Fore-Sight patient sensor design and laser safety system, as well as the algorithm method used by the Fore-Sight device to allow for an absolute measurement. The Fore-Sight Cerebral Oximeter provides new information that allows clinicians to monitor and quickly respond to instances of brain tissue oxygen deprivation before damage to the brain occurs.

CDEX (Rockville, Maryland), developing products using chemical detection and validation technologies, reported that it has filed an apparatus patent application for its portable, hand-held methamphetamine and illicit drug detector in preparation for its entry into the homeland security market. The apparatus is capable of detecting trace amounts of methamphetamine, other illicit drugs and other chemical substances. The technology will provide first responders with a real time method of conducting non-contact, non-destructive, field tests of suspicious substances. The device is battery operated, is capable of wired or wireless up/down loading of data, time and date stamps of all tests, and stores all test results for later retrieval.

Cyberonics (Houston) reported publication in the July issue of Neuropsychopharmacology of an article summarizing the results of a large body of studies that have investigated the mechanism of action of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Therapy. The review also summarizes the principal safety and efficacy data for VNS Therapy as a treatment for treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and pharmacoresistant epilepsy. The authors provide a basis for how VNS Therapy is unique in its antidepressant activity and conclude that VNS Therapy is a well tolerated and important treatment option for a subset of patients with TRD.

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