Proteome Sciences plc, of Cobham, UK, announced an agreement with an undisclosed diagnostics company on the use Proteome s biomarkers for the detection, diagnosis and monitoring of stroke. Under the license, Proteome s biomarkers will be tested for inclusion in a high-throughput diagnostic device.

ReNeuron plc, of Guildford, UK, released further preclinical data on its ReN001 stem cell-derived cell line for stroke. The company s c-mycER technology for expanding the cells is activated by a chemical safety switch, 4-hydroxy tamoxifen, which is removed prior to transplantation to arrest cell division. The new data shows that the c-mycER transgene is highly specific and will not be switched on inappropriately by related ligands that it might encounter in a clinical setting. Separately, the company demonstrated that ReN001 survives in rodent models regardless of whether an anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressant drug regime is used in conjunction with the transplant.

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