AHA joins Alliance for Cardiac Care Excellence

The American Heart Association (AHA; Dallas) has joined the Alliance for Cardiac Care Excellence (ACE), a coalition of 29 health organizations focused on improving hospital cardiac care. ACE announced its goals at a press conference last week.

As a member of the newly-formed ACE, the AHA said it supports the ACE goals and offers a solution to help hospitals improve cardiac care. Since 2001, the AHA has offered an in-hospital quality improvement program called “Get With The Guidelines” (GWTG) to help hospitals turn treatment guidelines into “lifelines.”

“Joining ACE was a natural fit for the American Heart Association, because their goal of improving cardiac care is something we have been working toward for many years,” said Rose Marie Robertson, MD, chief science officer for the AHA, saying that is the “essence” of GWTG.

GWTG is intended to help hospitals close the gap – with “tools and resources,” it says – between recommended treatment and what actually is delivered by helping hospitals create protocols consistent with nationally accepted standards.

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