A Medical Device Daily

Office furniture specialistSteelcase (Grand Rapids, Michigan) has unveiled formation of a new subsidiary, named Nurture , focused on “the healthcare environment.”

Michael Love, president of Nurture by Steelcase, said the unit will focus on “space and environments and how products within those environments can help make them more comfortable, more efficient and more conducive to the healing process.”

Nurture will use the products and expertise from other Steelcase companies with experience in healthcare, integrating these under the Nurture umbrella. Nurture offerings include products from the Steelcase family of companies – Brayton, Designtex, Details, Metro, Polyvision, Turnstone and Vecta.

Steelcase said Nurture's focus is to improve the safety of patients and efficiency of caregivers by rethinking something as simple and ubiquitous as the overbed table.

“Our research at a major metropolitan hospital showed that this tiny surface is much more than a place for patients' meals – it's used by patients, by doctors, by nurses and by family members to accommodate almost everything happening in the room,” said Kingshuk Das, director of Applied Research at Nurture. “Rethinking this table as a flexible, dual surface to address the needs of patients as well as caregivers, we have the opportunity to transform it from something that is often in the way, into an effective and versatile tool.”

James Hackett, president and CEO of Steelcase, said, “Nurture enables us to provide our customers with a dedicated, single-source for our considerable research, existing product offering and new product development.”

Nurture will be launched formally at NeoCon World's Trade Fair June 12-14 in Chicago.

Steelcase, with FY06 revenue of $2.9 billion, manufactures architecture, furniture and technology products.