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Medtronic (Minneapolis) reported that it has received CE mark approval for its next-generation self-expanding carotid stent and filter system, providing patients afflicted by carotid artery disease (CAD) with a new, minimally-invasive treatment option to surgical procedures for the prevention of stroke.

The Medtronic Exponent RX Self-Expanding Carotid Stent is a tiny metal scaffold that is used to prop open a blocked artery and restore adequate blood flow. While not yet approved for use in the U.S., it is part of the Medtronic Carotid Solution, which also includes the Interceptor PLUS Carotid Filter System. This filter is a miniature mesh basket that allows blood to flow normally while it traps loose particles in the bloodstream and prevents them from reaching the brain and causing a stroke during the procedure. The Medtronic Carotid Solution also includes additional products that provide alternative methods of removing embolic debris from the bloodstream.

The first procedures using the new stent and filter occurred last week at two hospitals in Italy.