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Envisioneering Medical Technologies (St. Louis), developer of the TargetScan system, and BrachySciences (Oxford, Connecticut), a maker of brachytherapy seed products, have signed a distribution agreement focused on improving prostate cancer treatment.

Envisioneering's TargetScan brings together 3-D imaging and stationary probe design to improve brachytherapy treatment outcomes via precise radioactive seed placements. Developed in partnership with physicians from the Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis), TargetScan will now be distributed to radiation oncologists through an agreement with BrachySciences to introduce TargetScan to more than 1,500 radiation oncologists and urologists who perform brachytherapy procedures in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Robert Mills, Envisioneering president, said, “Radiation oncologists and urologists who use TargetScan report greater treatment success, improved patient comfort and reduced risks of post-treatment side effects, like incontinence and sexual dysfunction.“

TargetScan provides physicians with a stationary probe to eliminate prostate movement during treatments and reduce procedure times. The device also offers improved 3-D imaging, with views of both sagittal and transverse planes, to ensure that the brachytherapy radioactive seed implants are accurately placed at physicians' pre-planned targets.

Until now, only a select group of physicians has conducted prostate cancer brachytherapy procedures using TargetScan.

Peter Grimm, MD, director of clinical research for the Seattle Prostate Institute , said, “By using TargetScan we now have certainty; knowing that our treatment deliveries are accurate and that we've done everything possible to help our patients.“

In other agreements news:

• Tm Bioscience (Toronto), which focuses on the commercial genetic testing market, and Luminex (Austin, Texas), a provider of multiplex solutions, reported they have signed a multi-year extension of their partnership agreement, which grants Tm rights to commercialize DNA-based molecular diagnostics that operate on Luminex's xMAP technology platform.

All genetic tests from Tm Bioscience are based on the Tag-It Universal Array platform, which uses a universal tag system that allows for easy optimization, product development and expansion.

Assays from Tm use the Luminex xMAP technology platform, the industry benchmark for bead based bioassay multiplexing. Combined, the Universal Array and Luminex instrument are a best in class solution for performing clinical grade multiplexed genetic tests.

The original agreement between Tm Bioscience and Luminex expires on March 28. The renegotiated agreement incorporates similar terms to the original, including the ability for Tm to distribute Luminex's xMAP systems such as the new LX200 instrument.