• Custom Comfort Medtek (Winter Park, Florida), a provider of medical furniture and supplies, reported the launch of a bariatric line primarily designed to comfortably fit people weighing from 325 to 1,000 lbs. The new bariatric series features seating benches, blood draw chairs, exam tables, reclining chairs and lounge chairs as well as recovery and treatment tables. Custom Comfort Medtek said its product line has made the process of assisting obese patients in entering and exiting bariatric furniture virtually effortless for healthcare providers while at same time preventing injuries.

• Delcath Systems (Stamford, Connecticut) reported that it has completed a special protocol assessment and agreement with the FDA for the treatment of metastatic melanoma in the liver using the Delcath system - used to deliver high doses of chemotherapy to specific organs and body regions - with melphalan, an approved anticancer agent. The company said active patient enrollment for its pivotal Phase III clinical trial at the National Cancer Institute (Bethesda, Maryland) has begun, with the first patient enrolled this week. The randomized, multi-center trial will enroll 92 patients diagnosed with ocular and cutaneous melanoma metastatic to the liver. Patients will be randomized to either the Delcath system using melphalan or a control group receiving best alternative care. The primary endpoint is to determine whether patients using the Delcath system will experience a reduction in tumor burden or zero progression of the metastatic melanoma in their liver longer than those receiving best alternative care.

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