• Dade Behring (Deerfield, Illinois) reported that it has launched the Cyclosporine Extended Range test for use on its Dimension family of chemistry analyzers and the V-Twin and Viva-E drug testing analyzers. The Cyclosporine Extended Range test, or the C2 monitoring test, is a new, more clinically sensitive method used to monitor Cyclosporine in transplant patients. It is monitored within two hours of patients having ingested the immunosuppressant drug, which some studies have shown to be a better predictor of patient outcome. Dade Behring said it would continue to offer the original Cyclosporine test. The company said its two Dimension Cyclosporine tests are the only automated Cyclosporine tests on the market, requiring no manual pretreatment steps.

• VQ OrthoCare (Irvine, California), a provider of orthopedic rehabilitation and surgical solutions, reported the availability of two new tri-modality electrotherapy devices, SurgiStim3 and OrthoStim3. Both FDA-cleared devices use the company's T.E.A.R. technology – which combines interferential, neuromuscular and high-volt pulsed current – to provide symptomatic relief and management of post-surgical and/or chronic pain. A cradle with built-in modem enables two-way communication between the device and VQ OrthoCare's secure web site. Device settings can be adjusted from remote locations per a physician's instruction, and patient compliance reports can be sent automatically to physicians. Both devices are digital, fully programmable and include a recharging cradle with modem, batteries, electrodes, lead wires, storage case, belt-clip and carry pouch. SurgiStim3 and OrthoStim3 can be customized to deliver up to 20 precise treatment parameters based on the prescribed care plan. A large LCD screen and push-button interface provide ease of use.

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