• Pegasus Biologics (Irvine, California), which develops bioimplants for soft-tissue repair, reported the commercial launch of the OrthAdapt Bioimplant, a biocompatible, stabilized, terminally sterilized collagen scaffold that fortifies and promotes tissue ingrowth for long-term performance. The OrthAdapt Bioimplant is intended for use in the reinforcement, repair and reconstruction of soft tissue in musculoskeletal procedures.

• Planar Systems (Beaverton, Oregon), a provider of flat-panel display systems, reported that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for Dome E4c, the first 4-megapixel color display medically certified for the viewing of diagnostic images. New features, such as the 16:9 display format, offer significantly more screen space and the ability to show 15 full size 512 x 512 images on one screen. The Dome E4c supports an open architecture design which allows users to gain access to graphics standards, such as OpenGL and DirectX, providing the capability of 2-D color imaging, image fusion, high-speed 3-D and volumetric rendering for navigation and visualization functionality. The open architecture support also enables faster display performance and seamless integration of future standard enhancements. The Dome E4c is now shipping complete with Dome CXtra software, which monitors, controls and adjusts DICOM calibration of Dome displays to the users' desired luminance across all gray levels. This display also is compatible with Dome Dashboard software, a console application which enables users to centrally manage, control and report on their entire line of Dome medical imaging displays.

• ONI Medical Systems (Wilmington, Massachusetts), developer of the OrthOne, which it said is the world's only high-field, 1.0T extremity MRI system, reported that Azienda Ospedaliera-CTO in Torino, Italy, has been using its device to scan injuries of athletes competing in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. The company said its musculoskeletal MRI device helps diagnose injuries more quickly and comfortably than whole body systems.

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