Joseph Oliverio has been named CEO of Imagin Molecular (Oak Brook, Illinois), and will lead the wholly owned subsidiary Imagin Nuclear Partners. Oliverio joins Imagin Molecular through a previous agreement with PET Management Services. Oliverio also is president of Positron (Houston), a pioneer in positron emission tomography (PET) imaging devices. Positron will play an important part in Imagin Nuclear Partners' ability to deliver the most cost-effective PET devices to all affiliated imaging centers, the company said. Imagin Nuclear Partners is a full-service joint venture molecular imaging partner that will own, operate and administer outpatient medical diagnostic imaging centers that use PET and PET/CT scanning equipment.

Steven Murphy has been promoted to CFO of Natus Medical (San Carlos, California). Murphy joined Natus in 2002 and has served as the company's vice president, finance and principal financial officer since June 2003. Natus is a provider of products for the detection, treatment and monitoring of common disorders in newborns and children. Through its Bio-logic Systems subsidiary, Natus develops computer-based electrodiagnostic systems and related disposables that aid in the diagnosis of audiological conditions as well as certain neurological and sleep disorders.