Uroplasty (Minneapolis) reported plans to relocate its headquarters to the Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka. The eight-year lease for the facility, at 5420 Feltl Rd., begins May 1. Uroplasty said the new facility is one-third larger than its current space and will accommodate immediate growth as it ramps up launches of its Urgent PC and I-STOP products, as well as future growth.

Sam Humphries, president and CEO, said the time for the move was right. Our market penetration is starting to snowball with payers and providers recognizing the clinical and cost benefits of Urgent PC; and [it was] the right direction because we re moving into an area with a strong candidate pool of experienced medical device personnel.

Uroplasty, which has subsidiaries in the Netherlands and the UK, manufactures products to treat voiding dysfunctions, including urinary and fecal incontinence, overactive bladder and vesicoureteral reflux. Its Urgent PC system is a minimally invasive nerve stimulation device for office-based treatment of symptoms of urge incontinence, urinary urgency and urinary frequency.