• Osteotech (Eatontown, New Jersey) said that the FDA has cleared its fifth 510(k) submission for its family of DBM products. This 510(k) submission, which covers Osteotech's Grafton DBM Gel, Putty, Flex, Matrix and Crunch, cleared these tissue forms for use in dental, oral and cranio/maxillofacial procedures. In these procedures, Grafton DBM is intended to be used to fill and/or augment bone defects that may be surgically created or created by traumatic injury to the bone.

• Smiths Medical (Carlsbad, California) reported the launch of a new Portex Blue Line series of tracheostomy tubes. The Portex Blue Line 527 and 529 Adjustable Flange Tracheostomy Tubes (AFTT) are now available and replace the Portex Blue Line 521 series of Extra Horizontal Length Tracheostomy Tubes. An improvement over the 521 series, the new Portex Blue Line Adjustable Flange Tracheostomy Tubes allow adjustment of horizontal distance and are suitable for patients that may require an adaptable horizontal length tube. Key features of the new Portex Blue Line AFTT include an adjustable flange, easy release locking mechanism, anatomically shaped tube, length gradations, initial tube rigidity for ease of insertion, a thermosensitive tube, and an optional low-pressure cuff. Smiths Medical also reported the launch of another new product. The 10-Drop Gravity Anesthesia Administration Set incorporates two one-way valves and a four-way Hi-Flo stopcock for concurrent delivery of compatible fluids and drugs. The product also features two SmartSite needle-free valves for enhanced patient and clinician safety.

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