Bruker AXS (Madison, Wisconsin), a unit of Bruker BioSciences providing advanced X-ray solutions for life and advanced materials sciences, launched its new LynxEye detector at the 2005 Denver X-ray Conference for higher speed and higher resolution X-Ray Diffraction measurements than possible with traditional point' detectors. LynxEye is a cost-effective, 1-D detector for measuring a wide angular range simultaneously, thereby significantly reducing measurement times compared to point detectors, while achieving high resolution and excellent peak shape, the company said. The LynxEye detector uses high-performance compound silicon strip technology, and features a large 14.4 mm by 16 mm active area. Since there is no need for counting gas, cooling water, or liquid nitrogen, the LynxEye is a virtually maintenance-free, compact and robust detector for everyday use. It fits all D4 and D8 series Bruker AXS diffractometers and can be exchanged with other detectors.

Cascade Microtech (Beaverton, Oregon), a provider of electrical metrology systems and production probes for semiconductors, reported two new products as part of its L-Series Microfluidics Metrology Systems: the L-series MFP and EBP microports, tiny fluid and electrical field delivery mechanisms. The patent-pending microports will enable faster and more efficient microfluidics measurements, the company said. The MFP (Micro-Fluidic Port) provides flexibility and convenience for electro-osmotic flow and electrophoresis experimentation, and eliminates the need for test fixtures or manifolds. The EBP (Electrode-Bio Port) for microfluidics devices provides high-voltage electrode application for electro-osmotic pumping and electrophoresis. Working alone or with in-device electrodes, the EBP provides safe electrode interface to the device that is non-corrosive and non-obtrusive to solutions and reagents. The L-Series is available in four system bundles that offer a range of pricing and functionality.

Suros Surgical Systems (Indianapolis), a manufacturer of minimally invasive biopsy and tissue excision products, said Health Canada approved commercial sale of the ATEC Breast Biopsy and Excision System for use in performing diagnostic breast biopsy and partial or complete removal of visible evidence of benign breast disease. The speed and ability of the ATEC system provides an effective alternative to open surgical biopsy. Tissue acquisition can be completed in 30 seconds, reducing total procedure time. The system is compatibile with the three most common imaging modalities used in breast biopsy and offers diverse needle options. The ATEC system has been commercially available in the U.S. for more than four years.

Varian (Palo Alto, California) reported the launch of two new products. The company debuted its first premium shielded vertical high-resolution superconducting magnets designed to reduce stray magnetic fields by up to five-fold, allowing researchers to save laboratory and making nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) more accessible for routine applications. The 500 MHz and 600 MHz premium shielded magnets are integrated with the Varian NMR System and are compatible with its suite of cold and room temperature NMR probes. The premium shielded magnets have 54-mm internal bores, which are compatible in diameter with the bores of other magnets in the 300 MHz to 900 MHz range, enabling probe development to be centered on one platform. Varian also introduced the new Varian SH-110 Dry Scroll Pump, which it said provides reliable, dry vacuum in a small, economical package. This single-stage, high-performance vacuum pump is designed for easy integration into OEM systems for a variety of applications. With a pumping speed of 110 liters per minute, the company said the SH-110 provides the fastest pump-down time in its class by developing up to 10% more pumping speed than competitive scroll pumps. It reduces power consumption and heat generation for system applications and features an integrated vacuum isolation valve that prevents accidental contamination of the vacuum system.

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