Dr. Curtis Ponton will assume the role of vice president and chief scientist for the NeuroScan business group of sleep diagnostics firm Compumedics (El Paso, Texas). Prior to joining Compumedics as a senior scientist in 2000, Ponton was a longtime NeuroScan user, specializing in maturation of the central auditory system and plasticity in deaf children and adults using cochlear implants. Ponton's promotion coincides with the departure of Dr. Stephen Sands, who has chosen to pursue academic interests outside of Compumedics, after a career with NeuroScan spanning two decades. As the founder of NeuroScan, Sands developed integrated systems for recording high-density EEG and evoked potentials, the company said. Compumedics acquired NeuroScan, a provider of brain research systems, in 2002.

PBI Technology (Seattle), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Biometrics (PBME), has formed a new leadership team. Dr. Mario Ehlers, chief medical officer of PBME, took the lead as PBI Technology's president, chief operating officer and a director as of June 1. Ehlers is a physician-scientist with 11 years of experience in academic research and seven years in the biopharmaceutical industry. Ronald Helm will serve as chairman of the board. Helm currently also is chairman and CEO of PBME, serving in those capacities since August 2002. Kenneth Waters will serve as director of strategic planning and as vice chairman of the board. Waters also is director of strategic planning for PBME, serving in that post since September 2002. PBI Technology was created in March 2004 to commercialize four molecular diagnostic technologies formerly held by PBME and recently transferred to the subsidiary: the Osteopatch, a non-invasive device for osteoporosis testing; the SalivaSac, a non-invasive device for measuring glucose levels; LIDA, a platform technology for DNA amplification; and Cell Viability, for cell identification.

Robb Young, product manager for the cardiac computed tomography (CT) business unit of Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS; Tustin, California), has been promoted to the newly created position of senior manager, market segment cardiology CT. TAMS sells and services diagnostic imaging systems, and coordinates clinical diagnostic imaging research for all modalities in the U.S.

VirtualScopics (Rochester, New York), a provider of advanced medical image analysis services, reported the resignation of Stuart Shapiro as CEO of the company and the appointment of Robert Klimasewski to fill that post on an interim basis until a successor is found. Klimasewski is a member of the company's board of directors. He was CEO of Transcat in the 1990s and also was a part owner of Burleigh Instruments, which was sold to EXFO in December 2000.

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