TheUniversity of Kuopio(Kuopio, Finland) said that it has ordered a FLEX Pre-Clinical Imaging System fromGamma Medica(Northridge, California), with the system to be delivered this summer.

The dual modality FLEX SPECT/CT system will be housed in the university’s Department of Biomedical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, part of the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, one of six biocenters in Finland.

Juhana Hakumaki, MD, PhD, head of the Department of Biomedical NMR, said that projects targeted for the FLEX system include “imaging of tumor-targeted and CNS-targeted peptides and gene therapy in vivo. The FLEX system with its SPECT and CT modalities will perfectly complement our existing pre-clinical MRI systems, creating the first multimodal pre-clinical imaging facility in Scandinavia.”

David Wilk, Gamma Medica’s senior vice president of sales, termed the University of Kuopio “one of the leading research institutions in molecular medicine and gene therapy in Europe. We’re pleased to bring Dr. Hakumaki and his colleagues an imaging system that will help keep the University and the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences at the forefront of medical research.”

Gamma Medica manufactures imaging systems for both clinical and preclinical applications. For pre-clinical imaging Gamma created MicroSPECT, calling its X-SPECT system “the market leader in the preclinical SPECT category.” It bills its X-PET system as having “the highest sensitivity and largest axial field of view among preclinical PET systems.”

Its X-O system is a standalone Micro CT device that can perform full body scans on a wide range of subjects in less than one minute, making it one of the fastest in the industry.

Digital pump under development

True Health (Beckenham, England), a developer of pressure-relieving systems and recruitment in healthcare, reported a move to develop it digital pump.

David Francis, CEO of True Health, said, “Our existing range of pressure care dynamic systems already provide an effective solution to the treatment and prevention of pressure sores to acute patients. This new generation of digital pumps will be developed in partnership with our suppliers in the Far East. It is aimed to be used in a wider range of applications and will give us a further edge against our competitors.”

True Health, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Westmeria Health, describes itself as a “specialist, medical equipment and medical professional supplier to the healthcare industry.”

Its primary clients are Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) and the private nursing home industry. True Health also delivers recruitment services to the NHS and government agencies; specializing in the provision of social care workers, locum radiographers and nurses. Its core business is supplying proprietary branded specialist pressure-relieving equipment.