Israeli firm gets Nasdaq extension

Healthcare Technologies (Petach-Tikva, Israel) reported that it has received notice from the Nasdaq market that the company provided a definitive plan outlining its ability to achieve and sustain compliance with the exchange's rules, and has recieved an extension until June 1 to regain compliance with Nasdaq's minimum stockholders' equity requirement of $2.5 million.

The major term of the extension is that on or before June 1, the company must complete the previously announced sale of the Procognia investment. The company has scheduled a special meeting of its shareholders for May 29 in order to vote upon the sale.

Healthcare Technologies, through its Savyon Diagnostics, Gamidor Diagnostics and Danyel Biotech subsidiaries, specializes in manufacturing clinical diagnostic kits and providing services and tools for diagnostic and biotech research in laboratory and point-of-care sites worldwide.

Fischer quarterly report delayed

Fischer Imaging (Denver) reported filing a Notification of Late Filing with the Securities and Exchange Com-mission in order to extend the due date of its quarterly report for the quarter ended March 31. The company said it did not have enough time to provide the information related to the purchase agreement between Fischer and ComVest Investment Partners II regarding certain balance sheet items.

The company said that the quarterly report, due to be filed on or before May 16, is expected to be filed within the five-day extension period provided by the SEC. Fischer Imaging manufactures medical imaging systems with a focus on women's health, particularly breast cancer via digital imaging technologies.

Medi-Photonics requests meeting with FDA

Mediscience Technology (Cherry Hill, New Jersey) said that its wholly owned subsidiary, Medi-Photonics Development, has requested a formal meeting with the FDA to discuss the CD-Ratiometer, an optical biopsy device as an adjunct to diagnosis for cancer detection of the cervix and other abnormalities.

The submission of the pre-investigational device exemption document was made by Schiff & Co., a firm specializing in international regulatory affairs, compliance and clinical research.

"The meeting with the FDA has a purpose of determining any additional information required for submission of the IDE and to determine the acceptability of the clinical protocol and establish the initial clinical efficacy of the CD-Ratiometer," said President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Engelhart.

Carcinogenesis is accompanied by molecular and structural changes in tissue. These changes affect the absorption, scattering and fluorescence properties of the tissue, and hence provide a method to spectroscopically distinguish malignant and pre-malignant tissue for normal or benign tissue.

Mediscience Technology is focused on the development of medical devices that detect cancer and physiological change using frequencies of light that are emitted, scattered and absorbed to distinguish malignant, pre-cancerous or benign tissues from normal tissues.

iCAD adds Mamassist as reseller

iCAD (Nashua, New Hampshire), a developer of computer-aided detection (CAD) solutions for the early identification of cancer, said it has added Mamassist (Statesville, North Carolina) to its reseller channel, their agreement enabling Mamassist to resell its ClickCAD solution to make CAD technology available to lower-volume facilities.

"We work with many practices that are committed to catching each and every blemish in their patients' mammography readings but don't have the financial resources to invest in CAD technology," said Ken Hoglund, president of Mamassist. "By partnering with iCAD, we are now able to give smaller organizations a more cost-effective way to access the CAD technology being used at the world's leading hospitals."