Company* (Country; Symbol)

Company* (Country; Symbol)


Terms/Details (Date)

Agencourt Biosciences Corp.*

Integrated Genomics Inc.*

A suite of library construction, sequencing and bioinformatics services

Companies will co-market the services; Agencourt will provide library construction and high-throughput sequencing through its Discovery Solutions suite of genomic services; Integrated Genomics will expand Agencourt's existing genome assembly capabilities with downstream genetic analysis software, bioinformatics services and a genome database (8/20)

Cambrex Bio Science Verviers Sprl (subsidiary of Cambrex Corp.; NYSE:CBM)

Clinical Cell Culture Ltd. (Australia; ASX:CCE)

CellSpray and CellSpray XP

Cambrex will become the European manufacturer of Clinical Cell's products (9/10)

Epoch Biosciences Inc. (EBIO)

Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE:ABI)

Eclipse Dark Quencher technology

Applied Biosystems gained a license to manunfacture, sell and distribute TaqMan probes that carry the quencher technology; Epoch will receive license fees and royalties on Applied Biosystems' sales to purchasers of licensed products (9/17)

Hemispherx Biopharma Inc. (AMEX:HEB)

Engitech Inc.*

Alferon N

Sales and Marketing agreement for Engitech to launch Alferon N on a nationwide scale (8/18)


Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

M200 antibody

ICOS will manufacture the product for Phase I trials; financial terms were not disclosed (10/9)

MultiCell Technologies Inc. (subsidiary of Exten Industries Inc.; EXTI)

XenoTech LLC*

MultiCell's liver cell lines

XenoTech gains a seven-year exclusive right to distribute globally the cell lines in exchange for $1.5M up front (8/20)

PamGene International BV* (the Netherlands)

Linden Bioscience* (division of Linden Technologies Inc.)

Tilia Oligonucleotide Probe Design Service

PamGene will have access to Linden's service; oligonucleotide probes are used in the manufacture of DNA microarrays for gene expression applications (9/8)

Prima Biomed Ltd. (Australia; ASX:PRR)

Progen Industries Ltd. (Australia; PGLAF)

Therapeutic vaccine

Prima will begin scale-up manufacture of the vaccine for Phase II trials; financial terms were not disclosed (10/8)

StemCells Inc. (STEM)

StemCell Technologies Inc.* (Canada)

StemCells' mouse and rat neural stem cells and culture media for all mammalian neural stem cells

StemCell Technologies will manufacture, use and sell certain of StemCells' stem cells for educational and research purposes worldwide (9/17)


# The information in the chart does not cover agricultural agreements.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

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AMEX = American Stock Exchange; ASX = Australia Stock Exchange; NYSE = New York Stock Exchange.