Cardiac Science (Irvine, California) and GE Medical Systems Information Technologies (GEMSIT; Milwaukee, Wisconsin) have signed multi-year strategic OEM, distribution and development agreements, under which GE will market Cardiac Science automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and fully-automatic in-hospital defibrillator-monitors (CRMs) under the GE name in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other international markets. Cardiac Science also will develop and manufacture a line of biphasic external defibrillators for exclusive sale by GE on a worldwide basis. The private-label AEDs and CRMs, which are expected to begin shipping to GE this fall, will be marketed to a wide variety of healthcare providers, including hospitals, physicians, clinics and others in the medical industry. GEMSIT provides hospitals and healthcare systems with advanced solutions to improve their clinical performance. Cardiac Science makes AEDs and hospital-focused patient monitor-defibrillators.

Happy Valley Medical (San Diego, California) has entered into a research alliance with Edwards Lifesciences (Irvine, California) to evaluate the anti-proliferative and anti-restenotic properties of C6-ceramide in the peripheral vasculature. Mark Kester, PhD, of Penn State College of Medicine (Hershey, Pennsylvania) first identified C6-ceramide as having these characteristics. Happy Valley Medical acquired the license for C6-ceramide in 2001 and has been further developing the product under the brand name Ceracor. Edwards signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Happy Valley Medical to continue evaluating Ceracor and pursue commercialization of Ceracor-coated products for non-coronary applications.

Quinton Cardiology Systems (Bothell, Washington) and Cambridge Heart (Bedford, Massachusetts) reported an agreement in which Quinton will continue to promote and distribute a fully integrated version of Cambridge Heart's MTWA technology in its Burdick brand stress systems. The agreement is a continuation of a previous development and distribution arrangement begun in 2000. The companies agreed to continue their efforts to expand the market for MTWA, a non-invasive risk stratifier of sudden cardiac death. As part of the agreement, the Cambridge Heart MTWA algorithm has been integrated into the Burdick Quest Stress System. Quinton manufactures, markets and services a family of diagnostic cardiology systems used in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease. Cambridge Heart has developed the Microvolt T-Wave Alternans Test that measures beat-to-beat fluctuations in a person's heartbeat.

Zoll Medical (Chelmsford, Massachusetts) and Revivant (Sunnyvale, California) reported an agreement aimed at the commercialization of Revivant's AutoPulse cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) product. The AutoPulse, a new FDA-approved portable device that automates chest compressions, has been shown to greatly increase blood flow to the brain and heart compared to manual CPR. The AutoPulse is currently sold in the U.S. and is being used clinically in a number of sites. The AutoPulse holds the promise of being able to resuscitate patients who have been in arrest for an extended period of time, the companies said.