Marc Sportsman has been named vice president of sales for ATS Medical (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Most recently, Sportsman served as an area vice president at St. Jude Medical. ATS Medical manufactures a pyrolitic carbon open pivot mechanical heart valve.

Robert LaRoche has been named vice president of sales and marketing for Cambridge Heart (Bedford, Massachusetts), replacing Eric Dufford, who has left the company. LaRoche has been president of his own consulting company, Octant Marketing. Cambridge Heart manufactures the Microvolt T-Wave Alternans Test, which measures beat-to-beat fluctuations in a person's heartbeat.

Charles McIntosh, MD, has been named chief medical science and technology officer for Cook (Bloomington, Indiana). McIntosh has held numerous positions at the University of Illinois Medical Center and the Champaign/Urbana campus, as well as at the National Institutes of Health's Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. He also has served as a panel member, consultant and chairman to the FDA's Public Advisory Circulatory System Devices Panel. Cook is a manufacturer of minimally invasive medical device technology for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Douglas Whittaker has been promoted from director of worldwide sales to president of Gish Biomedical (Rancho Santa Margarita, California), a subsidiary of CardioTech International (Woburn, Massachusetts). Whittaker replaces Kelly Scott, who served as CEO and president and is leaving to pursue other interests, the company said. Gish Biomedical manufactures products used in open-heart surgery, vascular access and orthopedic surgery. CardioTech is developing a polyurethane-based vascular graft for the treatment of heart disease, and it produces polyurethanes for use in implantable medical devices and wound dressings and manufactures medical devices as an OEM. The merger of the two companies was approved by their respective boards in March.

Kristal Ball has been appointed director of manufacturing for HemoSense (Milpitas, California). Ball previously was in a project management position with LifeScan, a division of Johnson & Johnson. HemoSense develops system for managing oral anticoagulation therapy.

S. Lewis Meyer, PhD, has been named president and CEO of Lipid Sciences (Pleasanton, California). He will continue to serve as a director, a position he has held since July 2002. Meyer was formerly president and CEO of Imatron, until its acquisition by GE Medical Systems in December 2001. Lipid Sciences is developing the Viral Pathogen Inactivation platform, aimed at selectively removing lipids from proteins. The company said it believes the delipidation process may provide an effective therapeutic effect on many infectious agents, including the viruses that cause AIDS and hepatitis B and C, as well as reverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.