670 Almanor Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: 408-524-8100

Ted W. Love, president and CEO


Hyseq Inc. applies its genomics platform for programs in sequencing, discovery of genes and genetic variances linked to diseases, drug discovery and development, and development of DNA sequencing chips.

Hyseq’s Sequencing by Hybridization high-throughput technology is used to accelerate DNA sequencing and gene identification. Hyseq also has established a HyGenomics Database that allows Hyseq researchers to seek promising pharmaceutical and diagnostic gene product candidates for cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases and central nervous system diseases.

In its target discovery program, Hyseq is validating as potential pharmaceutical targets molecules from novel, rarely expressed genes that include interleukins, chemokines, growth factors, stem cell factors, interferons, integrins and hormones and their receptors.

Its HyChip DNA sequencing chip uses arrays of a complete set of DNA probes in conjunction with a target-specific cocktail of labeled probes to identify differences between reference and test samples in research and diagnostic applications. The HyChip system has the advantage of being able to sequence DNA from any source.


Extension of its exclusive gene discovery collaboration to develop solid tumor cancer therapeutics, diagnostic molecules and vaccines: Chiron Corp.

Expanded collaboration agreement to discover target novel genes from specific cell lines: Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd.

Collaboration to develop agricultural products: American Cyanamid Co.

Large-scale polymorphism/pharmacogenomics analysis of the genetic causes of cardiovascular diseases: University of California, San Francisco.

Development and commercialization of the HyChip product line: Perkin-Elmer Corp.