8417 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI 53717
Phone: 608-662-9000

Gary Alianell, chief operating officer
Privately Held


EraGen Biosciences Inc. is a discovery company with technologies in the areas of bioinformatics, DNA diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and combinatorial chemistry. EraGen Bioscience’s mission is to directly integrate its novel nucleic acid genotyping and bioinformatics technologies into a drug and clinical diagnostic program for the pharmaceutical, clinical and point-of-care markets.

The company is using its technologies in the area of genomic analysis to build a tool chest to find gene products. That includes the MasterCatalog bioinformatics platform with comprehensive gene family databases; Fast-Shot; the Aegis (An Expanded Genetic Information System) nucleic acid platform; the high-throughput assay Gene-Code; the molecular recognition system Era-Code; and the multiplexing system Mulit-Code. Aegis technology enables greater sensitivity and accuracy with hardware platform independence for high-throughput genotyping applications. MasterCatalog is an enterprise-wide genomic database and suite of computational tools for in silico gene target elucidation and validation.


Product development and marketing collaboration to deliver MasterCatalog with Pathogenome, a new database product for accelerated drug and diagnostic target discovery: Genome Therapeutics Corp.

High-throughput genotyping collaboration: Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute.

Technology licensing agreement: Bayer Diagnostics.

Bioinformatics collaboration: TimeLogic Corp.

A partnership that will provide proprietary data from EraGen’s MasterCatalog to users of the life sciences research portal, DoubleTwist.com: DoubleTwist Inc.