840 Memorial Drive, 4th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-868-1500

Satish Jindal, chief scientific officer and CEO
Privately Held


NeoGenesis Inc. is a chemical genomics company focused on the simultaneous validation of new disease-associated genes and the discovery of small-molecule therapeutics.

Its integrated genomic-scale platform with chemistry, screening, bioinformatics and computational biology technologies utilizes small-molecule leads to validate novel targets, bypassing functional genomics to turn the massive amount of information from genomics into useful drug leads.

The platform has four main components: the Comparative Structural Determination modeling program, an integrated suite of computational biology algorithms and applications that generate low-resolution 3-D protein structures; the Quantized Surface Complementarity program, a chemically and biologically intuitive mathematical framework and informatics system; and the Automated Ligand Identification System and its NeoMorph library of more than 10 million drug-like compounds.


NeoGenesis has collaborations with Celltech Group plc in the areas of immune disorders and inflammation; Tularik Inc. for targets to screen for small-molecule drug candidates; Biogen Inc. in autoimmunity; Microcide Pharmaceuticals Inc. in antibacterial disease; Tranzyme Inc. for TExT gene delivery and protein expression technology screening of multiple sets of therapeutic, disease-associated gene sequences; Merck & Co. Inc. in autoimmunity, cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative disease; Mitsubishi-Tokyo Pharmaceuticals Inc. in an unnamed therapeutic area; Schering-Plough Corp. in virology; and Harvard Medical School in neurodegenerative disease.

NeoGenesis is developing partnerships with pharmaceutical and genomics/bioinformatics companies in chemical genomics for target validation and lead discovery; ligand discovery and lead optimization against validated targets; and informatics, protein production and joint technology development collaborations.