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Los Angeles, CA 90024
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Matteo Pellegrini, president and acting CEO
Privately Held


Formed in 1999, Protein Pathways is focused on using computational methods to determine protein function. Using its analysis methods Rosetta Stone method, Phylogenetic Profile method, yeast genome functional analysis the company looks to uncover novel therapeutic proteins as well as proteins useful as diagnostic markers and targets for small-molecule drug development.

The company has two main discovery systems: Microbial Prolinks discovery system and Mammalian Prolinks discovery system. These systems allow researchers to establish links between proteins and biochemical pathways and networks. The mammalian product is still a work in progress but focuses on developing improved preclinical tests for drug development.

Protein Pathways has licensed the DIP Database from UCLA and offers this database free to academic institutions and for a fee to commercial users. The database focuses on information on experimental interactions between pairs of proteins and combines many sources of literature information.


Protein Pathways has an alliance with UroGenesys Inc. to apply Protein Pathways’ bioinformatics technologies to UroGenesys’ database of cancer antigens. The company also received an SBIR grant to find the function of tuberculosis genes.