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Wendell Wierenga, CEO
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Founded in 1999, Syrrx Inc. is developing streamlined and automated tools and technologies for high-throughput structural proteomics. Syrrx uses its proprietary technologies to determine protein structures and to design novel pharmaceuticals used along with genomic, chemical and computational approaches.

The company has evaluated and commercialized select components of its technologies. XtalView, a high-performance software package designed to help researchers solve macromolecular crystal structures, currently is licensed for use in laboratories of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic institutions.

In November 2000, Syrrx’s beamline became functional. Syrrx and the Genomics Institute of Novartis Foundation financed in September 1999 the construction of the Synchrotron beamline 5.0.3, a dedicated synchrotron radiation source for high-throughput structure determination, with the Department of Energy’s Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, Calif.

Syrrx is a member of Global Phasing Ltd.’s Consortium for the Development of Advanced Software for High-Throughput Macromolecular Crystallography. The goal of the consortium is to develop dependable methods of crystal structure determination that are capable of keeping pace with the other stages of the pharmaceutical industry.


Research studies for development of the next generation of high-throughput crystallization robotics: National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health.

Received exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize XtalView software package to help determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins: The Scripps Research Institute.

Anti-infective drug discovery collaboration: Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Co-development of automated systems to streamline and industrialize the protein structure determination process: Genomics Institute of Novartis Research Foundation.

10-year strategic alliance for structure-guided drug discovery: MolSoft LLC.