7600 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1100
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 240-747-4000

Alex Titomirov, chairman and CEO


InforMax Inc. is a bioinformatics software firm designing products for drug discovery and the better understanding of disease.

The company's software includes three main products: Vector NTI Suite, a desktop sequence analysis and visualization tool for scientists engaged in genomic and protein sequence research; GenoMax, a large-scale modular, enterprise-wide data-mining and analysis application; and Xpression NTI, a desktop tool for analyzing data from gene expression microarrays.

InforMax technologies include the retrieval system BioRS, which is a means to simultaneously search multiple databases, including large heterogeneous public and proprietary databases commonly used in genomic and proteomic research. The company's PEDANT Genome Database contains the most complete and accurate collection of more than 80 systematically annotated and classified genomes. Its Gel-Pro Analyzer eliminates the time-consuming steps involved in manually analyzing Southern, Northern and Western blots, dot and slot blots, and quantitative PCR. The company's Array-Pro is designed to aid analyzing nascent microarray and high-throughput screening data. InforMax also distributes AxCell Bioscience's ProChart protein-protein interaction database.

InforMax went public in October 2000, raising $80 million. The company's customers include more than 1,800 research organizations worldwide and 28,000 individual scientists.


InforMax has partnerships with TissueInformatics Inc., of Pittsburgh, to integrate quantitative tissue data with genomic data; Amersham Biosciences, of Piscataway, N.J., to supply desktop software in Latin America; and Abgenix Inc., of Foster City, Calif., for GenoMax.

The company is developing protein pathway database, called the Inter-Functional Proteome Database, with AxCell Biosciences Corp., a subsidiary of Cytogen Corp., of Princeton, N.J. InforMax also has a distribution agreement with AxCell. Pluvita Corp., of Bethesda, Md., has signed an agreement to license AxCell's ProChart database. InforMax's customers include Genzyme Corp., Pfizer Inc. and Diversa Corp., among others.