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George LaMotte, CEO
Privately Held


GeneTrace Systems Inc. is focused on the application of its systems biology platform and its potential to discover therapeutic targets and safe, effective therapeutics. GeneTrace combines its systems biology approach, an integrated technology platform, with gene expression capabilities to determine the mechanism-of-action profile of compounds, to select and optimize lead compounds and to identify targets relevant to major diseases.

GeneTrace brings systems analysis to biology using its platform of technologies to measure and correlate DNA, RNA, proteins and cellular phenotypes. Information gathered from the Discovery Matrix platform describes cellular systems from DNA to phenotype over time to get a picture of cellular pathways and gene networks.

GeneTrace has a collaborative business model focused on helping pharmaceutical companies expedite and improve the output of the genomics-based drug discovery process. In addition, GeneTrace will apply its drug discovery platform to development of its own drug candidates through in-house research projects.

In March 2000, GeneTrace acquired Strata Biosciences, bringing in gene knockout technology and a stockpile of cell-based assays.


Collaboration to design, analyze, define and validate a physiological network model for application in drug discovery: Molecular Mining Corp.

Research collaboration for the discovery of lead drug candidates for the treatment of cancer: Berlex Laboratories Inc.

Discovery and development of novel agricultural products: Monsanto Co.

License of mass spectrometry technology and collaboration in the development of specific DNA analysis applications: Incyte Genomics Inc.

Strata Biosciences had a collaboration for validation of drug discovery targets with Tularik Inc. in February 1999 before being acquired by GeneTrace.