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Phone: 650-526-3030

Keith A. Bostian, president and CEO
Privately Held


Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s mission is to directly integrate novel genes and proteins coming from genomics studies into pharmaceutical drug discovery programs. Its approach is driven by two proprietary technology platforms that facilitate the matching of genomic targets to potential drug molecules.

The first, an enterprise-wide database system and suite of computational tools that integrate genomic, biological and chemical data within a large-scale database product, is called ChemExpress. The second is its drug discovery programs focused on large and difficult-to-assay gene families, including small G-proteins, kinases and DNA repair, that can be leveraged using Iconix’s cell-based assay and functional proteomic systems.

The broad, long-term goal of chemical genomics is to discover chemical modulators for every gene product encoded by the human genome. This knowledge would allow pharmaceutical researchers to create a direct method to validate genomic targets and quickly link these targets to potential drug molecules. Iconix is creating the requisite technologies in its target validation, assay, screening and informatics programs, and said it has established their utility in both its internal drug discovery programs and in partnerships with other biopharmaceutical companies.


Development and commercialization of a next-generation chemogenomic information product: Incyte Genomics Inc.

Strategic partnership to develop ChemExpress database product: Motorola BioChip Systems.

Collaborations in the field of viral genomics: Microcide Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Target validation and drug discovery in diabetes: Metabolex Inc.