Eagle View Corporate Center
665 Stockton Drive, Suite 104
Exton, PA 19341
Phone: 610-458-8959

David C. U’Prichard, CEO


Founded in 1993, 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company using its proprietary DiscoverWorks platform to develop small-molecule drugs against targets identified in genome sequencing. It is a specialist in accelerating “gene-to-clinic” small-molecule discovery.

DiscoverWorks provides an integrated platform for the high-throughput synthesis, screening and optimization of chemical compounds using a combination of automated chemical synthesis, advanced computational tools for compound selection, and software for overall process control. The technology can be applied to a range of molecular targets identified through genome sequencing efforts, even in situations where the target s biological function is ambiguous or unknown. 3DP’s Directed Diversity technology links combinatorial chemistry with drug databases, allowing the synthesis and testing of successive libraries. Its ThermoFluor high-throughput screening technology allows rapid screening for target proteins.

3DP has developed a pipeline of product candidates to treat cardiovascular disease and cancer. The company is advancing these compounds to late-stage preclinical or IND status and plans to license them to pharmaceutical companies for clinical development and marketing.

3DP went public in August 2000.


3DP has formed a number of new chemical entity discovery and technology licensing collaborations, including ones with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Schering AG, BioCryst Pharmaceuticals and The Heska Corp.