10 Cedar Street
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 781-933-4446

Donald J. McCarren, president and CEO
Privately Held


AlphaGene Inc. is a functional genomics company focused on differential gene expression to identify potential drug targets, primarily for oncological and serious degenerative neurological diseases. It offers its partners microarray capabilities, gene content, cDNA library construction and DNA sequencing.

The company uses its inventory of full-length, novel cDNAs constructed from its proprietary FLEX (Full-Length Expressed) technology and bioinformatics expertise to bridge the gap between genomics and functional proteomics.

AlphaGene has extended its FLEX technology to generate a specialized set of FLEX cDNA libraries, which allow pair-wise analysis of differential gene expression from two different mRNA sources using its Single Library Analysis of Gene Expression (SLAGE) technology. The SLAGE library provides a renewable supply of source-specific probes for repeated differential gene expression studies from very small amounts of tissue.

The company has developed tools to analyze and identify genes that are used throughout the production of the microarrays, the determination of gene functions, the prediction of protein sequences encoded and the identification of novel genes for patenting and collaborations.


Distribution agreement to distribute AlphaGene’s collection of human full-length genes: Celera Genomics Inc.

Research collaboration to identify gene expression characteristics and to correlate gene expression patterns with treatment regimens in malignant brain tumor cell types: Wayne State University and its affiliate, the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Research collaboration to study the molecular genetics of prostate cancer: Lahey Clinic.

Bioinformatics outsourcing and small-molecule research collaboration: Questar.

Other partners include DoubleTwist Inc.; Genetics Institute, now part of Wyeth-Ayerst, a division of American Home Products Corp.; and NEN Life Science Products, a subsidiary of Perkin-Elmer Corp. AlphaGene has provided various genomic services from library construction to sequencing for over a dozen customers, including Eos Biotechnology Inc., Exelixis Inc. and Tularik Inc.