Fraunhoferstraße 20
D-82152 Martinsried/Munich
Phone: +49 89 85 65 26 00

Bernd R. Seizinger, president and CEO
Neuer Markt:GPC


GPC Biotech AG is focused on applying its proprietary genomic, proteomic and drug discovery technologies to accelerate drug development. This technology platform is being used to translate gene discovery into drug development, both in partnership with life science companies and internally for the development of mechanism-based drugs.

GPC Biotech was formed in 2000 through the acquisition of the cell cycle mechanism-based drug discovery company Mitotix Inc., of Cambridge, Mass., by the Munich, Germany-based genomics and proteomics company GPC AG. GPC went public May 31, 2000, on Germany’s Neuer Markt.

The company’s integrated technology platform covers a range of the drug discovery and development process and comprises genomic, proteomic, mode-of-action, phenotype-screening and drug discovery technologies. Gene expression technologies include OliCode, ExpressCode and the BioChipExplorer Chip. Proteomics technologies include PathCode, ProteoCode, MaRX Vectors and KeyCode. Reverse Genomics is used in elucidating compound mode-of-action studies, enhancing selection of compounds with optimal therapeutic profiles.

GPC Biotech’s product pipeline includes several drug candidates in research and preclinical development for oncology, immunology and infectious disease.


Pharmaceutical partners include Aventis Pharma Drug Innovation and Approval, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH and Byk Gulden, a subsidiary of Altana AG. Biotechnology partners include Cell Genesys Inc., Karo Bio USA and MorphoSys AG.

Other partners include Genetica Inc., Maxim Pharmaceuticals Inc., Atugen AG, Bayer AG, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Evotec BioSystems AG (now part of Oxford Asymmetry) and Gene Alliance (a consortium of five genomics companies: AGOWA GmbH, Biomax Informatics GmbH, GATC GmbH, MediGenomix GmbH and Qiagen GmbH).