Lochhamer Str. 11
82152 Martinsried
Phone: +49 89-89 56 32-0

Peter Heinrich, CEO


Founded in 1994, MediGene is a German biopharmaceutical company focused on cardiac disease and cancer with a broad technology platform and products in preclinical and clinical development. MediGene has developed five fundamental, patented platform technologies: ITD, CVLP, AAV and oncolytic HSV and amplicon technologies, which were recently acquired through the purchase of NeuroVir.

The HSV technology is based on the ability of herpes simplex viruses to infect and kill a range of tumor cells, including certain cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. In 2001 MediGene initiated and completed a Phase III study of Polyphenon E to treat genital warts. Its congestive heart failure drug Etomoxir is in Phase II clinical studies. In addition to its in-house program, the company also participates in out-licensing arrangements with pharmaceutical companies such as Schering-Plough Corp. and Aventis Pharma. The company also has European rights to Atrix Laboratories’ Leuprogel cancer products. In January 2002, Atrix received approval from the FDA for Eligard 7.5 mg also known as Leuprogel One-Month Depot indicated for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.


MediGene has formed alliances with more than 30 leading clinics and academic institutions in Europe and North America including the university hospitals in Cologne, Erlangen, Freiburg and Munich, the Medical Center of Leiden University, the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry and the German Cancer Research Center.