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Peter Daly, co-founder and CEO
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EiRx Therapeutics Ltd. has developed a proprietary functional genomics platform, comprising cell biology, functional genomics and bioinformatics capabilities. The company combines its genomic technologies with a series of proprietary cell-based apoptosis Discovery Assays, which allow identification and validation of novel regulatory gene targets. This discovery approach has been validated, as demonstrated by the complete inhibition of apoptosis in a proprietary animal model, EiRx said.

EiRx’s lead programs are in the areas of chronic inflammatory disease and cancer. It plans to license out targets to pharmaceutical companies, as well as develop its own candidates internally. The company has applied its platform to new gene discovery in one inflammatory cell system for application to certain inflammatory diseases and is seeking research partnerships under which it will apply the developed platform to other systems for specified disease applications, such as in inflammation, stroke, neurodegeneration and cancer.


EiRx says it is interested in applying its platform to the delivery of targets, assays and early stage compounds in the areas of gene target discovery and functional validation, assay design and apoptosis genomic profiling.