21375 Cabot Boulevard
Hayward, CA 94545
Phone: 510-264-0280

David Summa, president and CEO
Privately Held


Mendel Biotechnology Inc. is a functional genomics company that discovers and characterizes the function of plant genes to develop and commercialize high-margin products for use in the agricultural, health care, nutritional and consumer products markets.

Mendel has developed a functional genomics engine, used to focus on regulatory genes that control the expression of entire groups of genes. From the research performed using the engine, the company has produced the WeatherGard regulatory genes and the L35 clone collection.

The company is licensing WeatherGard genes, regulatory genes that allow plants to be engineered to be more tolerant to drought, freezing and high-salt soils. It is selling its L35 clone collection of pure and re-sequenced cDNA clones, derived from a publicly available, non-redundant EST collection from Michigan State University, for use in microarray experiments.

The company is selecting additional products for development and seeking partners.


Plant functional genomics research and commercialization collaboration: Monsanto Co. and Savia SA.

Mendel also has agreements with Empresas La Moderna SA and Seminis Inc.