14 Tech Circle
Natick, MA 01760
Phone: 508-650-1459

Tod Woolf, founder and president
Privately Held


Sequitur, formed in 1996, develops sequence-based compounds for functional genomics research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The company employs antisense technology to determine gene function and validate small-molecule targets by inhibiting gene expression. The Antisense Functional Genomics Program is available by subscription. Based upon a yearly licensing fee, clients obtain nonexclusive research use of Sequitur's developed functional genomics technology. Sequitur has one issued patent and five patents pending in the field of oligonucleotide technology.

Sequitur also offers Omniscreen, a high-throughput, one-step target discovery and validation system. Omniscreen works by applying the library of antisense targets to high-thoughput cell culture disease models. Sequitur was in the process of developing a Sense RNA Protein Expression Technology as an alternative plasmid-based gene therapy.

Sequitur sells custom-made modified DNA for research and diagnostic applications, including the option of cGMP synthesis for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. It also has TaqMan PCR, which provides reproducible, specific and rapid quantification of target RNA or DNA.


Sequitur has collaborative research projects with Inex Pharmaceuticals Corp., Genome Therapeutics Corp. and Affymetrix Inc., among others. Its clients include Amgen Inc., Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Pfizer Inc.